Specialised Electrical Services

Reliability, safety, a low energy consumption and flexibility are pillars that contribute to the overall reduction of management expenses for a building. VINCI Facilities has electrical engineering specialists who keep your systems in an excellent condition. Safety takes priority during implementation, for our engineers, the members of staff of our customers and the affiliated systems.

VINCI Facilities inspects and maintains your systems not only for reasons of electric safety but also to maximise the reliability of the electrical engineering system, for which it often uses thermographics as an inspection tool. By carefully analysing these thermal images, potential reliability risks are identified which would have remained hidden during normal maintenance. As such, we take appropriate action in order to prevent any problems.

VINCI Facilities offers a full maintenance package, from high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage and lighting to the inspection of electrical work equipment and tools.

Emergency power supplies, emergency lighting and security, grounding and lightning protection, interior and exterior lighting: they all require maintenance and VINCI Facilities includes these components in its maintenance contracts too. In addition, VINCI Facilities is the ultimate expert partner for large-scale and small-scale electrical engineering work and the long-term NEN 3140 inspection, specialising in fire safety and access security.


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