Learn and inspire during the VINCI Facilities international innovation meeting

If you want to talk about innovations, choose a location that is inspiringly beautiful and at the innovative level a forerunner. EDGE Olympic is the first building in the Netherlands with the highest WELL certificate Platinum, a BREEAM Excellent certificate and the latest smart building technology. It was recently the stage for VINCI Facilities Netherlands and Bosman Bedrijven to organize an international innovation meeting.

Sharing knowledge
Business unit managers, innovation directors, managers and BIM managers from Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Switzerland and the Netherlands came together to share their latest innovative projects. It is the perfect way for the organization to exchange knowledge and innovative ideas. The main objective of this international meet-up that is organized every quarter by VINCI Facilities.

Learn and inspire during the VINCI Facilities international innovation meeting

BIM at Bosman Bedrijven
Willem de Bruin, manager at Bosman Bedrijven, assisted by Evert van Westerlaak, BIM coordinator at Bosman Bedrijven, shared his knowledge about the BIM working method at Bosman Bedrijven during the meeting. The smart building techniques used in EDGE Olympic and the sustainable and WELL applications were discussed as well.

Learn and inspire
A tour of the complex made the story tangible. Visible installations and smart applications were viewed and discussed up close. It was a great opportunity to see and especially experience what makes EDGE Olympic special; a location to learn and inspire. It was a successful day that could certainly be continued for Bosman Bedrijven.


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