A solar car can bring motion

On September 7th 2018 VINCI Facilities hosted the members of the Veghelse Ondernemingen Contact Group (CVO), a powerful collective of over more than 100 companies from the Meierijstad that together provide employment for more than 12,500 employees. During this important meeting, represented by more than 55 entrepreneurs, the mandate was requested for the merger proposal to join the VMK (Veghels Midden Kleinbedrijf). A positive response from the members followed but the actual vote on this proposal will take place during the GMM of November 23rd 2018.

The day chairman Theo Verbruggen, presenter and reporter at the NOS, interviewed Mr. Eus de Haas – Board Member at VINCI Energies Nederland and host Olaf van den Wittenboer – Business Unit Manager at VINCI Facilities Veghel.

Surprisingly, the size of the VINCI Energies Netherlands group and its brands and the diversity of business activities were not well known. Fortunately Theo Verbruggen was able to unravel this in a pleasant way and also to stay connected with the audience. After the interview Theo Verbruggen concluded: “Now I know that they do everything when the walls of a building have been built”.

After the interview the Solarteam Eindhoven explained the cooperation with the student team TU Eindhoven and the construction process of Stella Vie – the 1st solar-powered family car and shared their World Solar Challenge adventure – a 3000 km journey through the Australian desert. Afterwards our guests where invited to see the Stella Vie solar car and enjoyed a delicious late summer BBQ.

In summary, this afternoon was a nice mix of topics about innovation, sustainability, CSR, entrepreneurship, business and education.


Wat een solarauto teweeg kan brengen.

CVO 7 september 2018

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