Corporate social responsibility

All members of staff of VINCI Energies, including VINCI Facilities, endorse the VINCI Group’s basic principles for corporate social responsibility. So as to make it easier for everyone working within the group to familiarise himself with these basic principles, VINCI has summarised the most important aspects of corporate social responsibility in a number of ‘convictions’. These convictions are a compact representation of what we stand for and what we are engaged in every day.


They provide us with basic principles and coordinates to work on our role and our performance in society. And to enter into a dialogue with our public and private partners about our role in society and the social and environmental effects of our joint activities. These eight convictions are referred to as the Manifesto and they are derived from the objectives of the Global Compact Treaty of the United Nations, which was signed by VINCI.

  • Design and build
  • Complying with ethical principles
  • Promoting green growth
  • An eye for society
  • Aiming for zero accidents
  • Promoting equality and diversity
  • Promoting sustainable careers
  • Sharing the benefits of our performancesVINCI Foundation


Corporate Code of Ethics and Conduct

VINCI applies strong values that form the basis for our corporate culture and activities. They have been translated into code of conduct that apply to all VINCI businesses, members of staff and other stakeholders (suppliers). Being involved in the VINCI Group means more than just strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This is described in our VINCI Global Code of Ethics and Conduct .  VINCI expects all its members of staff to show exemplary behaviour, integrity, honesty and respect for the dignity and personal rights of members of staff. These rules have been assessed and approved by the VINCI Executive Board.


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