Explosion safety/ATEX

VINCI Facilities operates in locations that may pose an explosion hazard, both gas and dust explosions. It is something we are familiar with thanks to our extensive experience with the strict regulations and long-term contracts and projects our professionals work on in accordance with ATEX regulations.

For these locations, our procedures and the project-specific HSEQ project plan are based on the ATEX 153 regulations for the surrounding area, the procedures and instructions from members of staff in the explosive area.

In such locations, we only use explosion-proof tools and equipment that comply with the ATEX 114 regulations and that are marked ‘EX’. The systems and components we use for installation work and maintenance also comply with the ATEX 114 regulations, and assembly and repairs procedures are followed closely.

In these locations and within the ATEX area, VINCI Facilities’ SAFETY EXCELLENCE principle is, of course, always leading.

That is why, in the case of ATEX locations, we always hold safety and toolbox meetings on site, enabling us to pay specific attention to this. The HSEQ project plan clearly describes the risks and high-risk substances (and their properties).




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