VINCI Facilities offers an integrated constructional and technical total package of services for maintenance on buildings and the systems inside those buildings. The key is that the client’s primary process at the location in question is never interrupted and that the client does not have to worry about accommodation and access.

In addition to the technical systems, VINCI Facilities takes care of the grounds, fences, roofs, sewer and the full constructional interior and exterior. Customised preventive, corrective and handyman services that fully relieve your organisation, ideal for distribution centres, multi-tenant business sites and industrial complexes but also for other projects.

VINCI Facilities specialises in small jobs as well as big projects and renovations with an integrated approach. We can also completely relieve you of all your building and site-specific issues such as health, safety and security but also specific services such as long-term maintenance plans and access and security advice.

VINCI Facilities relieves, listens and makes strategic contributions in order to make a realistic and sustainable contribution to the optimisation of our clients’ businesses.


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