Air-conditioning specialism

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) is one of VINCI Facilities’ specialisms

The comfort in buildings, maximum air quality in climate chambers and clean rooms, industrial ventilation, they all form part of the engineering, installation and maintenance solutions offered by VINCI Facilities. VINCI Facilities’ expertise is available for every area of use and every technical application from:

  • office buildings,
  • control rooms at industrial estates, to
  • conditioned warehouses.

Thanks to our specialist service solutions, HVAC systems are maintained in such a way that they consume a minimum of energy and deliver a maximum of reliability. Also in areas in the production process that are subject to special requirements in the fields of:

  • safety;
  • ATEX environment;
  • contamination with hazardous substances,
  • excess and negative pressure systems,
  • clean room technology.

If the circumstances demand it, air quality is frequently monitored by means of a microbiological study or particle measurements, in addition to the constant monitoring of temperature and humidity. We have all the in-house expertise required to professionally safeguard the generation of cold and heat.


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