Security and access specialism

VINCI Facilities can’t predict the future but it is aware of new developments and trends in the field of safety and security, whether it concerns burglary prevention, access control or camera surveillance.

We give you integrated advice in the fields of organisation, building engineering and electronics. Together, we find solutions that will properly guard you against safety risks. Our project-based approach offers you the best possible solution and you pick the level of security, in consultation with other internal or external parties such as security or insurance companies.

VINCI Facilities is a security specialist that offers advice and installation and maintenance services of a very high quality, all of which is based on our integrated approach, our expertise, advanced technology and our members of staff.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of:

  • intruder detection and burglar alarm systems,
  • access control,
  • presence detection,
  • camera surveillance/CCTV,
  • perimeter security,
  • risk management and object management (De Haagse Methodiek RSE), and
  • risk assessments in accordance with the TAPA Guidelines.


We offer security expertise for:

  • business parks,
  • logistics centres,
  • industrial complexes, and
  • business premises and offices.
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