NEN 3140

Safety and insight into your systems

Statistics show that electrical systems are often the cause of breakdowns, accidents and fires. The Working Conditions Act [Arbeidsomstandighedenwet (Arbowet)] also demands that your systems are safe but even without legislation, it is clear that reliable electrical systems are needed for business continuity and safety.

VINCI Facilities inspects your systems, it reports and offers advice. We also offer management contracts, which means that we take some of the system responsibility out of your hands, enabling us to act as your “technical conscience”. This will optimise safety and reliability.

Electrical systems are often erroneously regarded as being low-maintenance. Fluctuations in temperature, vibrations, moist and ageing can cause connections and grounding to deteriorate, as a result of which safeguards and equipment function less well. This may lead to dangerous situations. Also, refurbishments and a rise in electricity consumers may result in existing switches and distribution panels no longer complying with normal reliability requirements.

VINCI Facilities inspects your system in accordance with SCIOS PI Scope 8 on the basis of the obligations under NEN 3140. The specialists of VINCI Facilities interpret all risks and observations and translate them into an inspection report. This ultimately results in an improvement plan or the final opinion that the system is safe and reliable and that it complies with the standard.

Thermographics and NEN 3140

Although thermographics are not compulsory under NEN 3140, VINCI Facilities often combines them with an inspection. By closely analysing the thermal images, potential reliability risks that would have gone unnoticed during a normal inspection are now flagged up.

Doing this together saves costs and it results in a fully reliable and safe electrical system.

Inspection of electric equipment

By inspecting electric equipment in accordance with the obligations under working conditions legislation, defects that could jeopardise the safety of people and the surrounding area will come to light. Measures to prevent accidents, damage or disruptions to the business operations can then be taken in time. VINCI Facilities has the engineers and equipment to carry out this inspection for you and to draw up a report

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