Managing Agent

VINCI Facilities – the point of contact for your internal customers (members of staff/visitors) and your suppliers.

Within the context of the Managing Agent Model, VINCI Facilities focuses on taking over and relieving you, the client, on a controlling (tactical) level. You, the client, will remain responsible for the structure of the facilities policy, while the contracting of the various operational service providers is, of course, supported by our knowledge and expertise.

It is the responsibility of VINCI Facilities to convert your policy into a tactical strategy, to implement it, control it and to constantly work on optimising the quality of the service as well as the costs with everyone involved.

VINCI Facilities manages the operational service providers (such as cleaning, security, catering and maintenance) in accordance with contracts concluded by you. VINCI Facilities continues to optimise quality and costs on the basis of its extensive experience and benchmarking models and it constantly encourages suppliers to innovate.

With VINCI Facilities as your managing agent, you:

  • Will be able to fill in unqualified competencies in your own organisation.
  • You will still have a direct influence on the service provision and on the selection of all parties.
  • In your capacity of client, you can fully focus on your business and the strategic aspects of facility management.
  • You can terminate contracts with the various suppliers without this affecting your other contracts or service provision.

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