Integrated Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management is the integrated outsourcing of your entire facilities discipline (technology and facilities), including management, to a single contractor.

In its capacity of main contractor, VINCI Facilities takes over the risk of running sites. The scope and KPIs are determined during the commercial contract phase and in a next stage (due diligence), the actual costs are scrutinised.

This gives you:

  • full financial insight, and
  • a clear idea of current costs on the basis of the NEN15221 standard.

This structure of standards defines all Facility Management services and it gives both parties maximum insight into the strategic, tactical and operational layers of a business.

Integrated Facility Management 1

IFM is a success when there’s mutual trust, by making a strategic contribution to our clients on the basis of a long-term relationship, which is translated into a transparent cost reduction and labour flexibility.

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