Climat systems – HVAC is one of VINCI Facilities’ specialisms 

The comfort in buildings, maximum air quality in climate chambers and clean rooms, industrial ventilation, they all form part of the engineering, installation and maintenance solutions offered by VINCI Facilities. HVAC systems are essential in production environments, offices and other business premises where people work. Operating processes or goods storage often requires specific climatic conditions.

VINCI Facilities has been designing, detailing and installing HVAC systems in the non-residential building and industrial sectors for 40 years now.

Systems for any application, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling.

Giving priority to air quality, humidity and temperature in various rooms but also taking the users’ individual wishes into account. Systems are coordinated to the greatest possible extent, which means system and user costs are kept low and systems are protected against breakdowns to a high degree of reliability.

As HVAC’s share in energy consumption may be as high as 70% of consumption in a building, energy-saving and sustainable innovations are vital. Control engineering is indispensable, as are low-energy applications such as heat pumps, water recovery systems and sustainable generation.

VINCI Facilities is a member of the NVKL (a Dutch association of businesses in the fields of refrigeration technology and air-conditioning).



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