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According to VINCI Facilities, hospitality forms a part of your organisation’s DNA and it is more than the catering assistant behind the till addressing you courteously. You are hospitable when this forms part of your DNA and the people and environment emanate and experience the same. Hospitality stems from the entire organisation, from the management board, your members of staff right to the suppliers who work at your premises.

It is important for your organisation to develop a transparent vision on hospitality. Every organisation is unique, which means the definition of hospitality may differ from organisation to organisation. This vision is necessary if you want to apply hospitality to all layers of the organisation. As an external and experienced party, VINCI Facilities is able to develop this vision with you but also to discuss any bottlenecks with you and to subsequently find out where the biggest opportunities for your organisation lie.

Apart from developing your hospitality vision, VINCI Facilities specialises in optimising your facilities department on the basis of this vision and to apply it to your members of staff, suppliers and to select and implement new suppliers, if necessary, who match and add value to your hospitality vision.

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