Facility Manager

Organisation professionals

Because they manage and control the necessary services, our facility managers are organisation professionals, they make sure the workplace complies with the needs and requirements of the members of staff.

The facility managers of VINCI Facilities are responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of an organisation.

A multifaceted role with a lot of responsibility, which depends on the scope and structure of the organisation they work for. The facility managers of VINCI Facilities are involved in both strategic developments and daily operations of your facility management, especially when it relates to your buildings and sites.

The duties of a Facility Manager include:

  • building and site management,
  • cleaning,
  • catering and vending,
  • health and safety,
  • procurement and contract management,
  • security,
  • reporting and analysis,
  • budget management,
  • space management,
  • energy management,
  • document services,
  • mail and archiving, and
  • pest control.

The duties and responsibilities of a Facility Manager may, of course, vary. VINCI Facilities always focuses on the use of best business practice, on improving efficiency and reducing your operational costs and on increasing productivity at the same time. VINCI Facilities has the right Facility Manager for every sector, industry, logistics or commercial property.


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