Energy Management

In 2015, the European Commission drew up an EED directive by virtue of which larger businesses (with more than 250 members of staff) have to conduct an energy audit every four years. This forms a part of the target to reduce European energy consumption by 20% by 2020. VINCI Facilities has experts who can offer you advice about building-specific energy consumption and any savings measures you can take.

Taking care of the environmental impact of your buildings and guaranteeing continued comfortable working conditions for residents and/or users at the same time.


Optimisation of the energy consumption of buildings makes it possible to control the costs, to increase the value of your property and to comply with legislation.

VINCI Facilities enables property owners, tenants, managers and investors:

  • to control and manage their energy costs,
  • to optimise the consumption of resources,
  • to benefit from the structural energy cost-saving measures, and
  • to be assisted during the process of energy optimisation.

Energy scan

What is the set-up for your business’ energy management? Are you looking for suggestions for improvement that result in the desired savings? VINCI Facilities’ energy scan will help you out. Our energy scan is based on the European directive on the energy performance advice in the non-residential building sector.

The scan consists of three steps:

  1. Collecting information.
  2. An inspection of your business.
  3. A report with suggestions for improvements and savings.

We will have an objective look at your energy consumption on the basis of your actual consumption, the actual costs and the realistic savings and optimisation targets. You will gain an insight into the ways in which you can improve your energy management and how you can make savings. VINCI Facilities realises structurally low-energy operating systems by means of integrated facility suggestions and a maintenance plan.

At the same time, we carry out various audits of your buildings and systems, enabling us to then offer customised solutions that are in line with your specific needs to optimise consumption and to give you advice about energy procurement.

Our role, therefore, is to guide you through every phase of the proposed solution to improve your energy consumption and to minimise the environmental impact on the surrounding area. VINCI Facilities offers its expertise and can help you to obtain and maintain various types of environmental certification for your buildings. Maintenance and any installation work carried out by VINCI Facilities enable us to follow and manage measures for a longer period of time and, as a result of that, to achieve the objectives collectively.

Energy Performance – Solar power projects

Collecting solar power at your own business premises to generate your own electricity, thereby considerably reducing CO2 without additional costs and realising the sustainability of your business. VINCI Facilities has built up experience and expertise with linking AC-systems for large-scale solar power projects for businesses.



Film Expertise AC-linking Solar-systems (DUTCH)

Research, advice, engineering and execution

VINCI Facilities answers all your questions:

  1. Will a solar power system result in a considerable yield?
  2. What are the technical and operational risks?
  3. How does the SDE+ subsidy work?

By conducting a solar scan, our experts will be able to answer all these questions and we can give you the insight you need to make the right choice, while we also relieve you in terms of execution. To that end, we offer the business market an Operational Lease concept, which is formed by building blocks called Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate. VINCI Facilities is happy to give you advice about this specific form of power generation.

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