Fire Alarm System Management

Fire Alarm System Management (FASM)

When a fire alarm system is installed at your business premises, you need to appoint someone to manage that system.

The Fire Alarm System Manager is responsible for:

  • the operation,
  • periodic inspections, and
  • preventive maintenance

of a fire alarm system as described in the NEN 2654 standard.

VINCI Facilities can correctly implement and manage the monthly obligations that form a part of this, in addition to a maintenance contract. When a sprinkler system has also been installed, Fire Alarm System Management is often supplemented with the prescribed sprinkler tests.

The advantage of external Fire Alarm System Management is that reports about fire safety risks are independent especially when the inspections and checks are extended in the field of fire safety with, for instance:

  • a check on the accessibility of fire-fighting equipment,
  • the accessibility of emergency exits,
  • stacking heights in distribution centres, and
  • the correct storage of hazardous substances.

On the basis of the NEN 2654 regulations, the existing systems and demand at your organisation, VINCI Facilities prepares a checklist, which is followed up with reports and advice each month.


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