AC-coupling solar power systems

Collecting solar energy at your own business locations to generate your own energy, resulting in a substantial CO2 reduction without additional costs and thus achieving a sustainable business. VINCI Facilities has built up experience and expertise with the integration of AC installations for business solar power projects.

An electricity cable that enters a building provides light, heat and working devices (ENERGY IN), but what if the generated solar power leaves the building by cable? Then other dimensions arise (ENERGY OUT). VINCI Facilities is the specialist for connecting AC installations of large-scale solar power projects.

AC-inkoppeling zonnestroomsystemen

As a certified electrical company, it is our strength to understand and connect the dynamics of these two worlds, that connection we call AC-coupling.

VINCI Facilities provides AC connection of solar power systems for reputable SOLAR parties with:

  • the inspection on location;
  • the design and engineering;
  • the planning and execution;
  • commissioning and monitoring;

to parallel the DC section so that the generation can start earlier.

An important aspect of this is the coordination with the SOLAR party and the end customer, with our focus on safety and an optimal scenario, we ensure successful project execution and minimize risks for the primary business processes.


VINCI Facilities takes care of the design, engineering, delivery and follow-up with skilled specialists. That is what we do for you “Taking Care”.



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