The pharmaceutical industry covers a wide range of research and production companies with highly diverse processes, specialisms and risks. These companies have labs and production rooms fitted with air-conditioning and extraction systems that require validation, they have specialist filters for supply (and at times return) air, and they use explosives.

In this diverse field, VINCI Facilities is the ultimate specialist to safeguard the reliable performance of the technology that facilitates the business operations.
The strict requirements for clothing and the protection of the health of engineers and members of staff must be met during process-related work. Furthermore, the environment and the outside world cannot be infected or contaminated as a result of the process and also, the products of our customers have to be 100% safe.

The SAFETY EXCELLENCE objective of VINCI Facilities is, therefore, of high added value in this sector. In addition, the specialisms of:
  • HVAC and ventilation engineering,
  • electrical and control engineering,
  • fire detection and fire-fighting,
  • camera systems and security,

and our experience with procedures and safety in this branch of industry mean that the pharmaceutical industry is the perfect environment for VINCI Facilities to fully utilise its qualities.
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