Petrochemistry / Refining

The oil and petrochemical industries are known as some of the most regulated and organised branches of industry. Good technical support and an extensive knowledge of safety risks and processes are required in order to be able to function as a technical service provider in this industrial environment.

In this field, VINCI Facilities is the ultimate specialist to reliably maintain technology that is not directly process-related and as such to facilitate business operations.

The strict standards in the fields of safety, SSC, HSE, health and risk reduction have to be met, regardless of the type of work. For that reason, VINCI Facilities is SSC-P-certified, while it regards safety as the most important criterion for the SAFETY EXCELLENCE objective. Veiligheid 1

Our specialisms such as:
  • HVAC,
  • electrical engineering,
  • fire detection and fire-fighting,
  • camera systems and camera surveillance,
  • ATEX equipment,
and our experience with procedures and safety in this branch of industry mean that the petrochemical industry is the perfect environment for VINCI Facilities to fully utilise its qualities. This is confirmed by the large number of clients in this sector who VINCI Facilities works for at various locations in most of the port areas in the Netherlands.
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