Conditioned Storage

When it comes to system maintenance in the storage and distributions sectors, realising and maintaining climate-sensitive products in a correct and constant condition is quite a challenge. This applies to the storage of cheese, medication, chemical products and specialist paper products. For some products, the temperature needs to remain within very strict limits, while for others it is vital to maintain the right humidity levels or to stay above or below a certain maximum or minimum temperature at all times.

Another challenge, of course, is the supply and discharge of products that disrupt the environment. It is possible to prevent this by means of airlocks or air curtains.

VINCI Facilities can take care of the maintenance and management of these types of buildings and on top of that, it can also design and install the systems in order to prepare the building for other products and their specific requirements. One example is the conversion of a warehouse for high-tech equipment into a conditioned storage unit for medicines within a couple of weeks. Or the conversion and modification of security and fire-fighting systems and the installation of emergency provisions.

The storage of products in an EX environment or other specific circumstances also forms a part of VINCI Facilities’ expertise.
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